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Our massages: your wellness in Vipiteno/Sterzing and environs

Beneficial treatments for your skin

In everyday life, time is often neglected for oneself. Give yourself a gift and treat yourself to a gentle and soothing massage. Put your well-being in the hands of our experienced wellness staff. Get ready to feel like a new born.

Traditional massage with hot stone application

Discover the power of Alpine herbs in combination with heated basalt stones. The traditional partial massage relieves muscle tension in a targeted and lasting way.

Partial massage (25 minutes) 35.00 euros
Full body massage (50 minutes) 55.00 euros

Traditional massage with Alpine herbs

Juniper berries, St. John’s wort, arnica – there is an herb in the South Tyrolean mountains for every ailment. The high-quality herbal oil, together with special massage techniques, ensures that tensions are released. The result: new strength and increased vitality.

Partial massage (25 minutes) 35.00 euros
Full-body massage (50 minutes) 55.00 euros

Traditional massage

The effective, relaxing massage is a relief for the body, mind, and soul. Tensions and blockages are specifically released so that the energy can flow freely again.

Partial massage (25 minutes) 30.00 euros
Full body massage (50 minutes) 50.00 euros

Mud pack

St. John’s wort, arnica, spruce, rosemary, and lavender are known for their relaxing effect. Together with targeted massage techniques, the high-quality herbal oils relieve existing back pain immediately. The fango mud is deeply absorbed in the subsequent raised bog pack. Tensions are released and muscle tone is improved.

Back treatment (50 minutes) 75.00 euros

Cellulite cupping massage

Cupping has been known for many centuries for its healing properties. High-quality herbal oils support the effect of this treatment, which loosens both the muscles and the connective tissue. Tensions are released and toxins are excreted faster and more efficiently.

Partial massage (25 minutes) 40.00 euros
Full body massage (50 minutes) 60.00 euros